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Never in his dreams did Satie expect Achilles to be an Earth-rank warrior. If he had known about this, he would never have underestimated his opponent. Nonetheless, it was too late now. That information was erroneous!


With Eve Litts head of blond hair, it has to be said that in terms of beauty, she beat Luo Fei by a long mile, and maybe even an extra mile. However, Luo Fei did not lose to her in terms of popularity. The path to semi-finals for the Sword Shield Rose battle team had been too smooth, and Eve Litt barely had any chance to perform. She even seemed like a flower vase whose presence was just to balance out the gender ratio. It was unexpected for her to participate in such a critical battle.


Roaring crazily, in its hand was an alloy blade that had lost its luster, and the edge was full of dents. Looking at this person, if it couldnt really be called human it seemed more like a zombie. The organization behind this was really dabbling in everything, and even failed experiments like this were fully made use of.


Once Luo Fei had made his move and the Warping Beheader had been executed, he would have nowhere to hide unless he teleported… The Hercules’ left arm suddenly drew a circle.


Matt Locatelli’s crystal clear face was beginning to show signs of weariness. This ability also brought a lot of strain to his body.


Si Jiali laughed too. “It’s the debugging of the mecha, and the introductions of the members of both teams who will be taking part in the battle. Everyone should be very familiar with them by now. We don’t need to repeat the introductions. As an opponent of Saruman Snake, what are your thoughts about this battle, Captain Jondi? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know that.”

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Saruman Snake did not care much about intelligence, as their battle style was not determined by the analysis of data they were much more flexible than that. Humans were humans, both in their ability to adapt and unpredictability. At this stage, Achilles and the rest underwent transformations. Against the Aslan Empire, how far could they go?


If these five people had met Wang Zheng when he was at his full potential, they would definitely not be his match. Even if it was five against one, they would still be trashed. This was a man that could defeat an A-level warrior!


Si Jiali smiled. Although Junior Qian Yunzhuo likes to joke around, when battling is concerned, he is known to be cold and passionate.


We have collected the only picture transmitted by all the missing fleets and made a comparison to the one of the area found in the Saint World. There is a ninety percent match. So there is definitely a connection between the two incidents, said Ryan.


However, variations appeared. The two runic mecha simultaneously used the Wind shield and blocked the attacks!


After much effort, Mu Zhen was carried away by the emergency response team. Aslan doctors were completely shocked by the vitality of the giant. The energy cannon had not killed him. It was simply


Atlas walked onto the battlefield… but suddenly turned around, back facing Wang Zheng. “That’s the end for today. Before the main competition, if anyone wants to find Wang Zheng, you can go through me.”



The members of Sword Shield Rose were shocked, and clearly could not believe it. Although it looked bad, Ouyang Chuanyun had a chance for a critical strike.



Both Lear and Luo Fei showed Earth-rank two spiritual power, and were able to withstand such pressure. However, they were facing Ai Zhengyang, who was also Earth-rank two. At the same time, he was also complemented by two other Earth-rank one warriors. Together with the involvement of another two mid-B level spiritual power, the entire battlefield was already covered in frost. The mecha were almost frozen.


This was not the point. Kashawen had no interest in the process. She only wanted to know the result. But bringing Aina out had another purpose.


Zhang Shan ate and looked at the sky. Hehe, this was godlike luck. Character always prevails.

  • This was also the reason why Aslan was the strongest country in the Milky Way Alliance. Strong and conquering. Who would not wish for that?
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