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Lin Feng struck the spear. A loud bang. The energy warrior actually blocked Lin Feng’s attack. The other five energy warriors attacked in an instant.


All three were laughing together, but Wang Zheng and Dong Er were even happier. At least Dong Er was elated. She had never come across anyone like Wang Zheng before. He had come from a completely different life. The moment Dong Er opened the floodgates, she could not stop. From Earth to Elite Academy X, Wang Zheng refused her nothing. After all, he had a request, but setting up a good atmosphere was better.


As for the attacking scout and fighter positions, it felt like they would use it first, for obvious effects. As for the tanks and snipers, they could use it more defensively. There was no frequency, and using it to proactively attack did not seem like it would be that effective. Of course, these were just general rules. One’s reaction on the spot would be more important.


The generals were watching on as well, with different expressions. Kashawen traversed the Milky Way Alliance not solely on the power of Aslan, but also on her ability to flit and capitalise on the situation like no other. She could make friend and foe stand with her, and the nickname of Ironfist Prime Minister had thence come.


As a woman, and a woman that admired Wang Zheng, Lie Xin was in full support. If Wang Zheng had not done so, and seen the woman of his heart be snatched by others, then in Lie Xin’s terms, he could f*ck off and die.


In truth, even without their urging, Dong Er had already taken an interest in Wang Zheng. But her female reservations had hindered her. She had been worried by this, but now that he had taken the initiative, she did not need to worry about it.

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In the next second, the entire audience in the arena stood up. Thunderous cheers resounded through the skies. These cheers immediately spread out to the outside of the arena, throughout the entire Aslan, and the entire Milky Way Alliance.


Although Asura had won, it was definitely a surprise for many that this Zhou Yun had such ability. It was a pity that his Ability X was unable to break through against an Earth-rank warrior. Actually, the outcome was destined from the start. This was an era led by Ability X, so as long as Olivios’ body was strong enough, the opponent would lose undoubtedly.


This was SIG’s extreme defensive mechanism – a small energy shield. The crew was also sweating; they could neither be fast or slow.


Di Maria shook his head. “In normal circumstances, one on one, no one is his match.”


Xiao Fei hated all this. However, she could not help but compromise because it involved one of her students, Meng Tian. She could not just stand by and do nothing. She had to push the Milky Way Alliance into action no matter what. At least while she was around, the Milky Way Alliance would not just be all words and no action.


Suddenly, Wang Zheng’s brain flashed. Galaxy HU Group. That was an honest to goodness major shipping company. But would it work?


The Conqueror was beaten down by the shovel. By this time, Luo Fei’s silverish red, devilish aura had enveloped Mars thoroughly like how a spider web caught prey, and was taking huge bites at Mars’ externally emitted spiritual strength, directly cutting off Mars’ connection with the surroundings. At the same time, with every contact, the Heavenly Overlord Attack’s vital energy was being eaten away a bit. Mars weakening and Luo Fei’s flourishing speed was the same. “Luo Fei” was already getting more and more excited.



The door opened. Wang Zheng found out that the other 127 had already left. All 127 pairs of eyes were trained on Wang Zheng. Their eyes were filled with words, disbelief, and enmity.



The legendary Flames of the Blazing Angel. Only Heaven-rank flame wielders could control this ability. How could it appear on a level one Earth-rank warrior?


That was why Wang Zheng was sending a message to Mu Fengchun, saying that there had been a misunderstanding last time, and if Dong Er was free, would she like to meet him again?


One has to know that the bottom 10 would be directly eliminated. As long as the machine was not broken and no other reason could be found, then there was no argument to be had. No matter how well you fought, you had to pass this stage. And in truth, such a glaring lack in mental energy could not possibly translate to a good result subsequently.

  • The negotiations had immediately entered a deadlock. HU had sent a few negotiation teams on their end; however, in the end, it just showed that small devils were hard to deal with. The troubles of the small countries were that they could be easily ignorant and narrow-minded, but their advantage was that because they had few experiences when it came to doing things, they did not have concerns and would dare to act.
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