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“Your Highness, the Princess has already put out the news that she will personally visit the wounded of each nation, in order to demonstrate the care and civility of Aslan.”


Meng Tian suddenly felt that both Xie Yuxin and Wang Zheng were similar. Regardless of their opponents, and how strong the opponents may be, you would never sense despair or the thought of giving up from them. The only difference would be that Wang Zheng was passionate, while Xie Yuxin was too calm and rational, just like a robot.


That was why Mu Zhen was still holding out. A survival ability that was at odds with his physical stature. Although he did not really understand, Mu Zhen vaguely knew that this was connected with Ada’s woman. That was basically the Tita people’s Virgin Mary. Whoever dared to snatch her must go through him first!


Two vanguards charged head on. The other three back-ups used their Runic Matrices, attacking and interfering. If it had been a full-strength Wang Zheng, it would have been useless. However, given his current condition, Wang Zheng could only evade.


A mech then appeared on the big screens They were unfamiliar battling scenes. One after another, Earth-rank warriors began to fall.


The whole situation was a mess. The reason why Meng Tian was the leader of the team was not because her capabilities were the strongest, but because she was the one everyone trusted the most.

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X testing reflected one’s overall control and potential of Ability X. Wang Zheng’s rollercoaster fluctuations had been a real change for Wang Zheng himself.


The second cores of both teams had perished together. They were eliminated at the same time.


Governor Bosh was smiling like a chrysanthemum. With ability came the profits. HU’s participation meant that this would be a money maker.


At this rate, he would be slowly eroded by the cold air until he finally had no ability to return any attacks. If he continued to hold out, he could even lose his life. Zhou Yun had still held on a bit until he lost consciousness, but the two useless pieces of trash, Anluda and Pang Tong, had actually admitted defeat. This was something Lear had not foreseen. As people from ancient martial families, they were actually so afraid of death. Those words that they had previously said were all rubbish.


But the remaining week was very calm. Wang Zheng had not been attacked. Of course, leaders on island A had fought, but it was fairly moderate. The weaker ones would prioritize hiding, and it was hard to find them. And even if they were weaker, that did not mean they were helpless. After all, it was overly strict that a leader’s elimination would eliminate their team. Those who were stronger were even more prudent, because it was easy to get tripped up in such an environment. The chances of a sneak attack were amplified, and they were the most obvious target.


After more than ten seconds, the figures dissipated and the conference room returned to quiet.


When he came out, everyone’s eyes were on him, filled with awe. Luo Fei was not too sure of what he had done, but he had a general idea. He had felt that it was not his doing. Every time he was in that state, he would always feel that way.



This had nothing to do with a home field advantage. Sword Shield Rose had won the cheers of everyone at the scene. The cheers had also rung out to all the planets of Aslan. Being an Aslan citizen was a fortunate thing. They enjoyed the best benefits of the Milky Way Alliance, the best education, and at the same time, possessed the strongest warriors. Everywhere they went, they were first class citizens. They were the envy of the people of the rest of the countries.



Qiqin Nacchai’s body burned with waves of blood-red. His body energy became prodigious. That awesome life force mixed with killing power was the strongest seen so far.


And Wang Zheng’s arts belonged to either the balanced attack and defense, or counter attack types from Earth. In practice, such arts, such an attitude, and such a life were all unsuited to the current planetary environment, and failure was guaranteed.


This was an honour that should not be desecrated. He wanted the damn idiot to suffer a living hell.

  • This was Aslan! He would not have believed it even if they had killed him.
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